The customization of your CYCLIC will make you unique. We want your Cyclic not to be just one more bike. We want it to become an experience so that you will feel comfortable, not only pedaling but also being part of your style.

We design Custom and Exclusive Bikes

In Cyclic Bikes we make Custom and Exclusive bicycles. If you like to make a difference, we are your brand. Make your personalized Cyclic Bike as exclusive as you. Each design is different, not two Cyclic are the same.
There are no limits, you choose. Cyclic goes along with you in every challenge. The designs of the Cyclic frames have been thought to please you.    

What can we choose?

In addition to personalize the size, we offer you a choice of possibilities that will make your Cyclic a unique item. You can choose between:
  • Various colors for your frame.
  • Different handlebars depending on your type of position on the bike.
  • Add a 3-speed internal hub.
  • Choose different components not only in color but also in features such as, for example, conventional wheels or solid wheels that will make you forget about punctures and having to inflate them.
We want your Cyclic bike to be your identity sign.

Meet Cyclic Bikes

We are a group of entrepreneurs who are developing an exciting project that combines bikes, design, innovation and environment. We have created urban carbon fiber bicycles, which thanks to its modular manufacturing method using nodes, allows us to make them to customize for you and at a very competitive price. To request information, you can send an email to info@cyclicbikes.com or you can contact by phone +34 629954266.  

Make it. Wear it. Ride it