Did you know that carbon fiber is a material almost six times lighter than steel and even stiffer and stronger? Surely, you will have heard about carbon fiber many times, but always linked to very technological sectors such as aeronautics or Formula 1, or also to luxury products that, unfortunately, are not available to everyone. In competitive cycling, carbon fiber began to be introduced in the frames, and in other components such as forks and handlebars, in the early 90s, but initially it was not very well accepted and other materials, such as aluminum or titanium had a bigger popularity. Gradually, carbon fiber was introduced in the new models of the different brands to such an extent that, today, almost 100% of medium and high-end bicycles are made of this material. This is common on road and mountain bikes, but what happens with urban bicycles? Why in this sector almost all the frames and components are still made of steel or, at most, aluminum? The answer, as usual, is found on the price. Making a carbon fiber frame with traditional methods is very expensive, for the materials and also for the design and production process. While making a traditional one in steel, it is a much simpler and cheaper work. A carbon fiber frame can have manufacturing costs at least 10 times higher than one made of steel. Under this scene, it is easy to understand why carbon has not been introduced into the urban world.


Carbon fiber on an urban bike

In Cyclic, we wanted to bet on taking carbon fiber to the cities and, that is why, we have devised a design and manufacturing system that allows us to make very light frames, of very high performance at a price available to everyone. For a similar cost, or even less than a traditional metal components bicycle, we offer you a much lighter, more comfortable and manageable alternative. In front of the more than 15 kilos that a conventional ride bike can weight, you can have your Cyclic for just around 8 kilos. Incredible isn’t it? That saving in weight will allow you to make less effort, especially when starting and climbing, being able to comfortably go up or down stairs or move more agilely. You can ride your bike easily and almost effortlessly when you get on the subway, the tram or just when you store it at home. The ultimate urban bike. Do you dare to be Cyclic?

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