Cuadro Cyclic y horquilla
en fibra de Carbono desde 350€
Bici Cyclic desde 570€
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Make it. Wear it. Ride it

We have designed for you an original, unique and adapted to your way of life urban bike. CYCLIC goes with you on your daily adventure.
We love the freedom that the bicycle offers and want to make the city a smoke-free and calmer place where we can exercise our body daily to be healthier and happier.
That´s why we have created CYCLIC. Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process we can offer you an urban carbon fiber bike at a very competitive price.
We have put all our creativity, experience and passion, but now we need to finance the project and that´s why we have launched a crowdfunding campaign in Indiegogo. If you enter, you can get one of our bikes benefiting from a 40% discount and at the same time you help us to start this exciting dream.


Thanks to our patented system, we can make lightweight, high-performance carbon fiber frames without the costly traditional manufacturing methods. In fact, our innovative system allows us to make the frame to the exact size that fits better with your measures.



All CYCLIC models are made of carbon fiber, lighter and stronger than aluminum. The combination of advanced materials and its simple design makes CYCLIC the lightest urban bikes on the market. With only 8 kgs of weight, so you will move agile and comfortably wherever you go.


Thanks to CYCLIC's design concept and the innovative manufacturing system, we can adapt the bike to your exact size. Simply, by telling us the measures that we indicate you here, you can have just in a few days, a bike totally adapted to you. This way, you will pedal comfortably and avoid injuries and bad postures.


You can customize your bike to be unique, different and special: you may choose frame colors and components, wheel types, different handlebars, shifts... a bike specially made for you. You and your CYCLIC.


We are a dynamic and flexible team with diverse and complementary capabilities, but with one thing in common: the illusion for this project. We don't want to be just another company that sells bicycles, we want to create a community, see the streets full of bikes and think that we are having an impact on the world around us.


Daniel Rodríguez

Former professional athlete with more than 15 years of career. Expert in sports marketing and distribution.

Rosa González

Social educator with great skills and abilities for the development of corporate social responsibility activities and actions of environmental improvements and urban sustainability

Sergio Serrano

Industrial engineer with more than 20 years of experience working with advanced materials. Passionate about bicycles and innovative projects.