A fundamental aspect when you are riding a bike,either by the city, by the mountain or on the road, is to have an appropiate, comfortable and adapted position to your needs and likes. A forced position or a bicycle of a size that does not fit to your figure can cause us important muscle and joint lesion and a bad use of your own effort. All bicycles on the market are manufactured based on a size scale (S, M, L, …) calculated based only on the user’s height. These sizes, also, are structured in intervals of heights, which is why a user who, for example, measures 1.80 meters can be included in both M and L bicycle size and so, it is known, that at least one of the two positions won’t be the optimal.


Custom bike frames

Cyclic’s modular manufacturing system allows to custom frames exactly to the user’s size by only indicating three simple measures: total height, leg length and arm length. With these values and with the help of physiotherapy studies, we can adapt the frame perfectly to your needs and, also, to your pedaling likes. This completely revolutionary innovation does not entail a high cost (as it would be logical as long as an item is made only for you) due to the design of the bike and the patented manufacturing system means that in just a few minutes, we can make that unique frame.

Make it. Wear it. Ride it